DeLama S.p.A., established in 1949, is one of the most well-known and qualified manufacturers of sterilization equipment with plants supplied all over the world. DeLama’s Sterilizer and Autoclave production is mainly addressed to the pharmaceutical / microbiological / chemical / cosmetic industry and to the sanitary/hospital field. Up-to-date, adequate and functional productive plants allow accurate and first class works. A skilled technical team assures the best level of competence required to manufacture highly technological plants. An experienced and motivated staff, care in details in addition to the skillfulness in optimizing the suggested solutions, distinguish DeLama S.p.A. as one of the most reliable and appreciated companies operating in this sector.

DeLama S.p.A.  The internal research is addressed to a continuous improvement in equipment’s quality, efficiency and reliability, to the use of new materials and the application of advanced systems and technologies. The wide attention addressed to Customer’s qualitative requirements is witnessed by the Company’s quality certificates.

De Lama Products:

  • Saturated steam sterilizers
  • Air/Steam mixture sterilizers
  • Superheated water sterilizers
  • Ethylene oxide sterilizers
  • Vertical saturated steam sterilizers
  • Dry heat ovens for sterilization and depyrogenation class 5
  • Hot air static dryers
  • Static dryers under vacuum
  • Steam generators
  • PassBox  (pass boxes)
  • Trolleys 
  • Trays/baskets/cassettes to house product

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